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, and trying to tie that to this notion of romney changing his positions. that was also a pitch to women. romney's pitch, bipartisanship. >> schieffer: let me bring up this, a spent friday, spent a good part of the day with stu rothen bargain, and charlie cook, and i would these are the most respected analysts going today. both told me separately they could not remember a time this deep into the campaign when they said they had no idea how this was going to come out. i want to go around the table, i'll start with you, bob. what do you think is going to happen? >> i think the president is going to win. he has a big advantage in the elect torral college and in terms of what john and ruth are saying, a republican, a friend of mine who ran republican campaigns, said they backed themselves into a demographic cul-de-sac, with women, hispanices, younger voters who are repeld by a lot of what they say on social issues. >> schieffer: you think it's obama? >> yes. >> i think independent voters continue to move away from the president because he has not been able to convince people the economy will
. >> >> this change to those deficits the fact is this president is in a tight race with governor romney it is not seem there is a clear winner. >> i think governor romney will win theumbers show the majority and they are better able to handle it that obama. evenhough we get little changes we still go 35 miles per hour when we should be going 70. people though the rest of the world is not right. the first abate mitt romney proved he can meet -- le the country. lou: arguably he will change the history with that performance. what can be done by president romney to change the trajectory of this economy with more than a job creation machine? >> number one data piss-off the fiscal cliff. so we don't have a severe recession but simplify the tax code. fire ben bernanke to get somebody who realizes to cheapen the dollar is not the way to wealth. >> he could force him out. >> harry truman showed you could fire the fed chairman. [laughter] as well as a general. [laughter] lou: none of that has the immediate effect of those who have suffered under this administration. those who don't have ajob and
romney to change the trajectory of this economy with more than a job creation machine? >> number one data piss-off e fiscal cliff. so we don't have a severe recession but simplify the tax code. fire ben bernanke to get somebody whoealizes to cheapen the dollar is not the way to wealth. >> he could force him out. >> harry truman showed you could fire the fed chairman. [laughter] as well as a general. [laughter] lou: none of that has the immediate effect of those o have suffered under this administration. those who don't have a job and are underemployed giving up then we have a group of ceos speaking up for the multinationals we would like to go to the simpson thing. we want to raise taxes. reject it -- rejected by both republicans and democrats. we hear from business leaders they come up with this. >> how low do the fine balance? i will take that. remove the tax shelter and cut the top rate. >> rahm it -- romney is already proposing nonsense. >> we have a huge tax increase already slowing the economy down. to the clutter the tax code everyone can declare victory li 1986. we took the jump o
officials before he cancelled a scheduled appears in florida. hurricane sandy forced mitt romney to change his plans for the second time in the last few days. romney campaigned in the state of ohio yesterday instead of virginia as planned. his campaign cancelled appearance for tomorrow in new hampshire. romney telling supporters one stop in ohio, our throughouts and prayers where the -- our thoughts and prayers are with the people who are in harm's way. >>> many fans watching on a jumbotron. thousands watched the world series with other giants' fans and share that sweet victory. others lined restaurants and bars in the city. a lot of celebrating there. now they are ready for the parade which will be this wednesday. the planning started days ago when we were heading in the right direction. i didn't say only two more games until we have the world series. i didn't want to jinx us. >> i know, i said full out, because i wasn't superstitious. >> we'll look at sandy of course what is going to happen wednesday with the parade and trick-or-treating. >>> first the embarcadero center which is an in o
. chris: mitt romney's mind game is to call heavily the new change agent. and inviting voters to hop on the winning train. >> you're seeing this movement growing. you're seeing people come together to say we love america. we recognize we can do better. i came in and some of the folks here were holding signs, democrats for romney, all right? i love that. i love that. chris: well, the question is, is mitt romney really wenning or is this a psychological game in which he's getting the democrats to be demoralized while all this talk of him being ahead? >> beats me. usually you have a gut feeling about it. i have no gut feeling about this election. but i will say this. that calling -- that optimism and saying it's a big deal is more -- is more fundamentally american and more optimistic and more positive, i think, and so i would give romney slightly the upper hand on this message rather than saying you got to go out ask vote. chris: you may not like the things you are wut what happens if we lose the election seems to be the message. >> and that people like to go with a winner if he can pro
to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there mitt romney also changed his campaign schedule but was able to stop in swing state ohio. "...our thoughts and prayers with them." and it's not just wind and rain. a third storm bringing canadian cold... could blanket west virginia, pennsylvania and ohio with wet heavy snow. "i don't know what to expect..." a high tide and a full moon make an already terrible weather situation even worse. casinos are closed in atlantic city, new jersey. and this sign says it all: be kind to us sandy. the governor of maryland has also declared a state of emergency >> in maryland... >> we have been here all day and, this is certainly the worst of... rain pelting down... this is not the worse... we have about 24 hours to go until the worst comes... the waves are fierce. hide tide and how long the storm will last is the most concerning... >> where are you? >> balcony of oceanside hotel... a big tourist site... the pool is drained... all visitors were evacuated here. the conditions are getting worse... >> sandy maybe 1,000 mi. a
's eight days until the presidential election. president obama and mitt romney being forced to change plans as the storm approaches. more on that in just a moment. first, lets ae go right to bill karins for the very latest on this hurricane. bill . >>> good morning to you, willie. new update from the national hurricane center. there was zero good news spread by them. the storm has increased in intensity a little bit. now we're looking at possibly 80 to 90 mile per hour landfall. maybe the storm surge could be a little bit worse. this is not what anyone wanted to hear. the winds are now the up to 85 miles per hour. that's a healthy hurricane. for this time of year it's ridiculous. you don't get these this far north this time of year. it's moving to the north at 15. now only about 350 to 400 miles away from new york city. here's the new forecast path. they shifted it just a little bit south. it was up here in central jersey and now they lowered it a little bit towards wildwood. that's a better forecast for a few spots including philadelphia. it's one of those rare events where the winds will
today cancel northern virginia and tomorrow in colorado. sandy forced mitt romney to change his plans. romney campaigned in ohio yesterday. instead of in virginia as planned. his campaign cancel add appearance for tomorrow in new hampshire. romney told supporters in ohio that our thoughts and prayers are with people who will find themselves in harm's way. >>> the streets of san francisco packed with giants fans many at the civic center watching on a jumbotron last night. thousands watched the world series with other giants' fans and shared in the victory shoulder to shoulder, next to city hall others filled restaurants and bars in the city but they all cheered their team on and shared the same sentiments after the game. >> amazing, a sweep, it is just unbelievable. >> oh my gosh, it never gets old, we are thrilled. i've been crying. >> we are enjoying beautiful city, world series, 2012. go giants! >> again, fans will be able to gather again when the team holds its parade wednesday. >> the big question is, how will the weather be wednesday? you have been forecasting rain coming around
the director of the mason-dixon poll to say this. romney has nailed down unless something changes. romney's going to win florida. and he made that prediction based on the math of the i-4 corridor. you guys, can you lose the i-4 corridor and win florida? it's nearly impossible, right? >> well, we're not going to lose the i-4 corridor, and we don't agree with those numbers. and if you look at the enthusiasm just reflected in the turnout in the i-4 corridor, we really -- we beat the republicans in early voting this weekend in hillsborough county, which is one end of the corridor. we beat them in orange county as well. and if you even look at seminole county, which also has a significant republican registration advantage, we beat them, just barely, but we beat them in early voting turnout. we're running up numbers that are going to ensure that president obama carries the i-4 corridor and carries the state of florida. i mean, we just have a ground game that is really superior to them. and we have enthusiasm that has blown the doors off of early voting, even better numbers than 2008. >> we will
story will not be something that goes along like today, romney took his message of change to fill in the blank. and finally, the storm could put a premium on mechanics. and while the romney campaign is certainly a lot better than john mccain's 2008 operation, the more this race focuses on mechanics, the better it is probably for the obama campaign. asked whether the storm could affect early voting, the president said that remains to be seen. >> we don't anticipate that at this point, but we're obviously going to take a look. >>> well, it's the october surprise. that we know. and the thing we don't know is what is exactly the impact going to be? we've got a lot of storm coverage to get to, and we'll get to that next. we'll go to point pleasant beach, new jersey. the storm is already kicking up serious waves there. we'll also head to florida. a state that knows storms well. that's where the president was supposed to be this morning opinion bmorning, but sandy forced a last-minute schedule change. debbie wassermann schultz will join us. >>> plus, we've got a slew of new swing state p
but romney's frequent changes raise questions about his core principles and make the lack of details all the more troubling. they make you wonder if he would stand up to the more extreme elements of his own party. especially the house republicans who undercut ohioan john boehner's attempt to get a debt deal and negotiate a deficit. how do you respond to that, governor? >> look at his record. a guy created jobs, he's a job creator. we need that. jobs are the greatest moral issue in american today, when people are working, families are stronger and children are better off. number one. number two, he was governor from massachusetts, they went from deficits to surpluses, from job loss to job creation. then you look at the olympics where he was a pure leader. you look at the history and it tells you who the guy is he's pragmatic, no question about it. but he's also tough and he's firm and he understands job creation. in terms of people not getting him -- the first debate, david, i've never seen a debate have this much impact. but the first debate gave people a chance to see well you know, the
and romney were tied according to many polls. obama people claim he had a lead in ohio. changed the dynamic on the ground. >> we now have a rasmussen poll, the first, i believe, of any of them to show romney ahead. the other sho they are tied. it's ted heat of a state romney had in his pocket a month ago. >> if you freeze race -- >> you freeze it to some extent. you leave five days instead of eight days. i'm not sure it's decisive. the polls tell us absent the hurricane, romney is a slow and steady tortoise in the race. be passing obama. he probably still does. look at the national poll. you cannot, if gallup is anywhere near right. gallup has him up six. say he is up three. you can't win national election by three points and lose in the electoral college. this is uncon zeable. if you win in popular vote you lose electoral in the year 2000 the margin is fraction of fraction of fraction of 1% of one state if florida. the national polls they are disconnected, you can't have a disconnect that large between the national and electoral college. >> i find ohio numbers hard to believe. if it is tig
about what people say are completely irrelevant. governor romney has changed his position on just about everything throughout his entire career. and that, i believe, bedevils the fact checkers who will say, "well, his official position is this, but then he did that. so it's hard to know, but you can't really say, this is true because also that's true." if that's the context, if that's what's going on, then i'm not sure what can be learned at all about governor romney because the chances of him saying something different, doing something different once the election comes, based on his behavior during this campaign and while he's been running for president, are extremely high. >> let me give you an example of what people have learned. people know that governor romney is going to increase spending for the military. and that's a consequential difference. they know that president obama is going to increase taxes, where, where governor romney is not if he's elected president. that's an important issue distinction. coming into the last debate, the annenberg survey showed that the public though
. what they're seeing is governor romney has a plan to change things, turn things around. big changes needed right now in washington that people think is broken. and president obama who has glossy new brochure, when you look inside it is more of the same. bill: when you think about what the obama team did in 2008, i mean do you have to, do you have to go well beyond the numbers of 2004? and because when you talk about these voters who voted for the president four years ago and they have been disillusioned and perhaps not supporting him now, can you point to examples or concrete evidence where the obama supporters of 2008 have left him now? >> i can and it's the early voting numbers that are coming in. looks like we are overperforming in all the early voting and democrats are underperforming as compared to 2008. and we expected early voting to go more towards democrats because that is what happened in 2008. democrats like to vote early. republicans like to vote on election day. despite that we've been able to increase our numbers significantly and their numbers are down. so i think the
obama and mitt romney have been forced to change their campaign scandals. one thing that has been settled. the labor department planning to release the october jobs report, the last one before the election. peter barnes is in washington with the latest on that. peter. >> we're in the briefing room in the white house. we're in the middle of a political campaign, the race for the presidency and the president deciding this morning to skip a campaign in florida to get back here to the white house. he also canceled a campaign event in wisconsin scheduled for tomorrow. the white house said he wanted to be here to stay on top of hurricane sandy and to direct the federal response. he met with his homeland security team here at the white house this morning in the situation room. afterwards briefed reporters who asked him if he was concerned that the storm might have any impact on next week's election? >> i am not worried at this point about the impact on the election. i'm worried about the impact on families and i'm worried about the impact on our first-responders. i'm worried about the im
. the sioux city journal, our opinion, mitt romney, the change america needs. the most important endorsement came from the des moines register which has not backed a republican candidate for president for 40 years. a point stephanie cutteer tried to downplay. >> they endorsed mitt romney in the primary so it's not a surprise. the editorial didn't seem to be based in reality in the president's record or mitt romney's record. they said he would reach across the aisle and it's the opposite of what he did in massachusetts. megyn: as we have our debate we'll put pictures on the storm for our viewers so they can continue to monitor what's happening in this country. there are two storms. one is weather and one is political. it's incredible to watch this major news story disrupt the presidential race news story. we want to get to the situation in iowa. which is a critical swing state and important to any path to victory romney would have if he were to lose ohio, in particular, and the des moines register, first time in 40 years they get behind a republican. why? >> the reason is, and they point out
to are likely to change the outcome. romney and obama are in their own environment and will be decided on issues and personality and candidate quality separate to that. host: a history of eight years of the democratic state house. governor ridge, governor rendell -- they were elected republican senators in the state, including rick santorum, and now split between pat to me and bob casey, running for reelection areit is pretty divid state when it comes to elected officials. guest: that is right. we're a quintessential swing state -- neither party is capable of the state level of winning elections. the democrats went through the state in 2006 and 2008, what we called the iraq war alexian, local ratings for president bush. 2008, the recession election, then 20 can they swept back into control of the governorship and both houses of the state -- in 2012 republicans swept back into the governorship and both houses. the biggest edge -- the biggest at any party has had since the 1950's. senator toomey, former congressman now senator, elected as well. the governor elected by 9%. statewide elections -- we
four years because i don't give a dam about climate change and the storms they produce. oh that was not part of the official statement. okay. and then of course leave it to fox news to say if romney's canceling events. that's fine. what a gentleman he is. what a terrific human being. if president obama is canceling events disarray. >> the president left for orlando. nothing has changed that much. does it show disarray or discontent within the obama election campaign where he comes down doesn't do anything, and then flies back. >> the president can be unpredictable. a lot of reason why they brought the president back was they didn't know how bad the weather would be in washington. >> it's the image of him campaigning on the day of the hurricane. >> he can't do that. >> cenk: no, no, you know, obama, he doesn't know what is going on. [ chuckling ] coincidentally on fox news. in 2013 the request for the fema budget is a little over $13.5 billion. you need that, obviously because we're getting more and more severe storms every year, including hurricane sandy that is hitting us
minute counts and now the storm come it is forcing president obama and mitt romney to change campaign plans. president obama cancelling his trip to orlando and heading back to washington dc. mike emmanuel is tanding by. a quick audible by the president. >> he's in orlando and decided to pull the plug on the event in the university of central florida designed to rally the youth vote. he was due to do three events with forevermore president clinton. the event will continue on here but the president due to the deteriorating weather conditions in washington decide go back to washington to oversee and monitor the federal reponce to the hurricane that is hitting the east coast dilemma for the obama campaign. you want your message out to people yet to rote and then critical yob of leading the federal government. here is the president talking about the hurricane in fema head quarters. my message to the governors and mayors, anything they need we'll be there. we'll cut through red tape and not get bogged down with a lot of rules. >> so the visit's president to orlando was a visit to the campai
on the atlantic coast as well as air travelers across the east coast. >>> the storm is drastically changing president obama and mitt romney's campaign plans with just eight days before america votes. >>> and the san francisco giants are 2012 world series champions. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. hurricane sandy is bearing down on the east coast. 60 million people are bracing for impact across the northeast with waves growing ever more ominous overnight. and the threat of storm surges anywhere from four to 11 feet high. this is the scene about 100 miles north of boston. hundreds of thousands have been told to evacuate in coastal areas all the way into new england. the mid-atlantic is already dealing with flooding from a storm that has claimed 65 lives in the caribbean and has the potential to paralyze new york and other big cities. >>> this morning, president obama signed three emergency declarations for connecticut, and rhode island, clearing the way for fema. let's get right to bill karins and the weather channel forecast. wh
policies that have slowed our recovery while promising big change under of romney-right administration. with more on this, senior fellow for the hoover institute and former chief economic adviser to president george w. bush. welcome back to the show. always great to have you here. >> glad to be with you. gerri: i want to play a little bit of the sounds of our viewers can get a sense of the town. >> short >> the jobs, where are the 9 million more jobs the president obama prised his stimulus would have created by. [speaking in native tongue] there in china, mexico, canada, countries that have made the sales more attractive for entrepreneurs and business and investment. even as president obama's policies have made it less attrtive for them here. thing. gerri: and we have one more jobs report to come. what do you expect? is it going to help romney or the president? >> i don't think it's going to make much difference at all. if you look at the picture that the economy has been traveling through for the past three years now, basically we're in a situaaion where we have continued slow growth.
to the campaign trail. we told you both the president and governor romney making changes to their campaign schedules over the next couple days because of hurricane sandy. governor romney just held an event in ohio. he had a few words about the situation we're watching, we're watching the weather situation affecting the east coast of this country. let's take a listen. >> i don't think there has been a hurricane in ohio in a long time but there has been some hurricanes that caused a lot of damage across the country and hurt a lot of families and families are in harm's way either hurt in their possessions or perhaps something more severe. i would like to ask who are here today think about making a contribution to the red cross or to another relief agency, to be of help if you possibly can in any way you can imagine to help those in harm's way. we -- [cheers and applause] jenna: governor romney on the campaign trail today. we expect to hear from the president in about 10 minutes from now, a scheduled appearance and statement on hurricane sandy. meantime i want to turn to some other headlines w
. >> governor romney says he believes in climate change but he says he's not sure manmade causes are the reason. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. >> i believe scientists. >> sandy could wind up being the october surprise. >> i have to get back to d.c. because of the storm. >> every time you have an occasion to take something from the federal government and send it back to the states, that's the right direction. and if you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that's even better. >> does it show a side of disarray or discontent within the obama re-election campaign that he comes down here, doesn't do anything, and flies back. >> i am not worried at this point about the im35k9 on the election. >> you with pull hearts and clear eyes can see what's happening across the country right now and on the eastern coast of our nation, a lot of people are encuring some very difficult times. >> the election will take care of itself next week. right now our number one priority is to make sure that we are saving lives. >> we're counting on ohio. i know t
moments away. >>> the storm is drastically changing president obama and mitt romney's campaign plans with eight days before america votes. >>> the san francisco giants are world series champions. i'm veronica de la cruz. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> this is d-day with hurricane sandy. waves are growing ever more om nis and the threat of storm surges from 4 to 11 feet high. this is the scene about 100 miles north of boston. hundreds of thousands have been told to evacuate in coastal a areas all the way into new england. the storm claimed 65 lives in the caribbean and has the potential to paralyze new york and other big cities. early this morning president obama has signed emergency declarations for connecticut, pennsylvania and rhode island, clearing the way for help from fema. let's get right to bill karins who has the latest forecast. what do you have? >> the storm has strengthened instead of 75 so that's very impressive that this storm continues to lower its pressure, even going over the cooler waters now and it's only about 386 miles away from new york city. it's actually mo
internal discussion and debate about it. it was almost, we need a change. mitt romney worked with democrats in massachusetts, but that was because of necessity, 87% democratic majority there. it's not at all clear how mitt romney would reach out to democrats, if you were to become president, in the next eight days. >> all right, a lot going on. we appreciate you joining us two times today with all this breaking news and details coming in. thanks. >> thank you. >> up next ted strickland will join us live to talk about governor romney's controversial new ad about the auto industry. chrysler is even opposed now to this ad. it's being called misleading. we'll look into this. first, today, nate silver of the "new york times" forecast that on november 6th, president obama has a 75% chance of winning re-election. president obama would win 297 electoral votes and mitt romney at 241. that was me still taking insulin with a vial and syringe. me, explaining what i was doing at breakfast. and me discovering novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is pre-filled with your pre-mix insulin. dial the exact dose.
of climate change. >> how do you think romney is feeling this morning for having the one mention his made the whole time, his big laugh line the republican convention was how silly it was for obama to be talking about slowing the rise of the oceans? i think that wins pretty much every prize for irony right now. there has been a pervading climate silence. we were doing our best to break that. yesterday afternoon, there was a demonstration in times square , a timesdot to connect the dots with -- a giant dot to connect the dots there is a vigil to try to get the senate candidates to address the issue with, change. it is incredibly important that we not only, first party is people safety and assisting relief efforts in every possible way, but it is also important that everybody, even those who are not in the path of this storm, reflect about what it means to have the warmest year in u.s. history when we as in the warmest month, july, of any month in a year in u.s. history, in the year when we saw, essentially, summer sea ice in the arctic vanished before our eyes. what it means now that we're
of big change agenda he did four years ago. i've seen romney make gestures at it, but not lay it out in a way that's forceful. that i think would make a change, want to do actual change. >> let me continue that theme. i want to pick up there as we turn to the democratic governor of battleground, colorado, john hickenlooper and the republican governor, paul ryan's home state of wisconsin, scott walker. governors, welcome back to "meet the press," both of you. >> glad to be back. >> both states are pretty tight here, pretty remarkable is tight as well, good news for romney. a rrn hasn't won your state since 1984. and in colorado, governor hickenlooper, look at our latest polling from nbc news and marist. 48-48. i know talking to the obama campaign. i know they think it's not that close, but they know it's tight. governor hickenlooper, you start, what's decisive? what tips the scales in your state and in this election? >> well i think if you look at the mess that president obama inherited and i mean losing 800,000 jobs a month, month after month, the first few months of his presidency.
are trending toward romney and the lead that the president had with women is gone . what can happen in the next few days that change things and give either candidate an advantage . joining me is former advisor to bill clinon and president of the polling company kelly ann conway . good to have you here . kelly ann, let me start with you . these states that are in a dead heat. if ohio breaks for obama, what happens to give romney a chance to win. >> romny is it way ahead in the popular vote and that is worth somethingine in the electoral college situation . in the battle of early voting and late momentum. i rather be romney. it gives hum a shot at state that is obama. wisconsin, iowa and new hampshire and maybe even nevada can get back in there because the republican candidate is doing well. that's the way you play with the map. if you have to cede ohio. you are cashing in and realization that for a president who got 56 percent of the female vote as the nonincumben in a two gender race is significant. >> doug, kelly ann mentioned new hampshire and ohio and iowa and wisconsin. and so, so, obama's
, a majority say they are voting for governor romney. there has has been a change in enthusiasm. judy, i think one question that every pollster and every analyst i've talked to recently is trying to figure out is what will the composition of this electorate be? will republicans equal democrats in the number... percentage of the vote? what will the percentage of white voters be versus nonwhite voters? because this is so close, all of those questions are vitally important. we can't tell that in advance. >> woodruff: finally, susan, in just a few seconds, what do you look for in these final days of the trail to see when the candidates get back out, what they're saying? >> yes, absolutely. and where do they go? you know, they're only going to have a couple days after they can get back on the campaign trail after sandy has done whatever it's going to do. what states do they go to? that tells you what states are really in play. >> woodruff: susan page, dan balz, we thank you both. >> thank you, judy. . >> ifill: now, the impact of big money in the presidential race. we have the first of two reports
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